Solution 2048ch console

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Solution Series - Multi Purpose Lighting Consoles


Solution is a fully featured, comprehensive and robust lighting console built on the high

performance ZerOS operating software platform. Solution offers simple hands on control of

conventional generic and moving light parameters across 248 devices and 2048 channels with

submaster and cue stack control.


ZerOS’ powerful effects system can be relied upon to deliver truly unique effects, from simple

chases to rainbows and fly-ins. Manipulate colour, beam and position with offset and rotation

parameters to create almost limitless effect pallets.


Networking, external touchscreen and multimedia support combined with multi functional keys,

offline editing and a comprehensive fixture library, completes an outstanding control package

for the more demanding rental and multi-purpose user.



- 248 devices

- USB support for show files storage and touchscreen

- 4 universe optically isolated DMX outputs, or Art-Net and sACN

- ZerOS Operating Software

- Colour Picker

- 8 LCDs

- RDM Ready

- Optional hardware upgrade enables SMPTE/MIDI/ChilliNet and Remote Switches

- Comprehensive effects system

- Submaster playback faders with scenes or chases

- Support for iOS®, AndroidTM, Windows Mobile and Windows

- PC remote displays

- Fixture Library with over 3000 types

- Shows cross loadable with other ZerOS consoles and importable from original Frog Series

- Cue stack (Playback X) playback for full theatrical playback



- Solution Data Sheet

- Solution Series User Manual

- ZerOS Remote Data Sheet

- Solution Series Brochure

- Solution Series Quick Start Guide

- Solution Dimensioned Drawing

- ZerOS Operating Software

- Fixture Library & Tools

- Knowledgebase Articles

- Software Update




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