Juggler - Manual Lighting Console

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Juggler - Manual Lighting Console

Juggler - Manual Lighting Console  


Juggler is a manual lighting control desk specifically designed for the smaller stage;

a perfect solution for small scale lighting systems. Channel faders are set in a conventional

two preset layout for easy crossfading. A fade time control allows smooth fades to be

achieved over periods as long as 5 minutes. All crossfades are true dipless. This ability to

hold constant lighting levels and varying fade times allows sophisticated lighting plots to

be replayed simply and accurately.


Juggler controls up to 24 channels using preset faders avoiding the cost and complexity of

more sophisticated lighting desks. Applications include schools, houses of worship, rental

and conference events.


For larger shows, the wide mode feature allows 24-channel operation, with an internal

scene store for two-preset operation. 12 sequences of 99 steps can be stepped manually

to provide a simple cue list with go button functionality. Sequences may also be chased

using the adjustable speed control.



- Two Preset Operation

- 12/24 Channels

- Flash Buttons

- 12 Sequences of 99 Steps

- Multiple Channels per Step

- Sequence Master

- 19” Rack Mounting

- Fade Timer

- Speed Control

- True Dipless Crossfade

- Grand Master

- Wide Mode

- Dimensions: 88 (H) x 483 (W) x 279mm (D)

- Weight: 4.5Kg / 10lb



- Juggler Data Sheet

- Juggler User Manual

Juggler Dimensioned Drawing

- Knowledgebase Articles




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