LPC-24S Lil’Wing Console

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LPC-24S Lil’Wing Console


The LPC-24S Lil’ Wing is a smaller, more compact design of the LPC series with

the features of the LPC-48V and LPC-96V consoles. Designed to be used with

a laptop or PC, the LPC-24S Lil’ Wing control surface is a powerful yet intuitive

solution where space is limited or affordability is desired.



Preset Mode:
  - 12 faders, 12 Submasters or 24 Single scene faders
  - 12 Submasters x 20 pages for 240 total Submasters for storing Moving Lights

     and LED fixtures (LTP) and conventional dimmer channels (HTP)
• Two Scene Mode:
  - 12 faders per scene
• Manual Crossfader
• 6 " Quick Looks" memories with fade times, store LTP and HTP looks,

        independent of Master
• Cue Stack holds 1000 step cues
• 512 board channels (24 faders, 488 virtual)
• Two fully patchable DMX Universes – 1024 DMX Channels
• Channel can be controlled with board level features (faders, submasters,

  buttons, encoders, and Quick Looks) or on your computer (keyboard, mouse,

  or touchscreen) or a combination of all the above.
• Powerful Moving Light and LED programming interface
• Effects Engine
• On-board comprehensive Moving Light and LED library


Physical, Mechanical, Electrical

• Universal AC Power 100-240V w/IEC power cord
• USB with A to B connection to Windows based Laptop or PC
• Littlite Worklamp - 4 pin Right Angle XLR (1)




LPC Quick Start Guide

Operation Manual

Windows installation software for LW control surface




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