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Solitaire Dimming


Compact dimming system in a wallbox format with programmable presets. the Solitaire system includes a programmable

master station, auxiliary stations, and power modules. The Master station is UL rated to 2,000 watts total power and

controls up to 800 watts per channel. Incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, and neon/cold cathode lamps are controlled

as standard with optional controls for dimmable flourescent ballasts.

Easy to use controls are ideal for conference rooms, private offices, restaurants, and homes. Master station records

18 presets and fade times. Presets 1 through 6 may be recalled at the master station. Presets 1 through 18 may be

accessed at auxiliary stations. Auxiliary station options include preset recall, master/raise lower control, "Full On" preset,

channel raise/lower control, autosequence control, and lock functions. Room partition control, RS232, dry contact AV, and

wireless control are available. Optional 2,000 watt power modules increase the load capacity of any channel requiring

more than 800 watts. 120V or 277V flourescent interface modules control 0-10V or phase control dimmable electronic ballasts.



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