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HedgeHog 4

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HedgeHog 4


A new breed of Hog!

The Hog range just got broader. HedgeHog 4 is the littlest of the range and still packs quite a punch. It runs the same

software as all the other Hogs and even comes with ArtNet and CITP capabilities. Designed for small to mid level shows,                    

it is compact, lightweight and easy to take on a plane!


Running on Linux, it is fast, stable and ready to Hog. Whether being used in a school theatre, nightclub,

corporate event, medium scale rental job or House of Worship, this is the perfect console. Retaining the same

programming layout as its larger brother, the Road Hog 4, as well as being able to load showfiles from any of the

range (and vice versa) means that this compact console is extremely flexible and easy to use.



- Robust Hog 4 Operating Software

- Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades

- One internal 12-inch wide touch screen

- 4 encoders for an expanded wheelset

- Twelve User Keys

- Ten playback faders

- Two fixed universes of DMX 512 and up to 4 universes of DMX 512 over ArtNet or sACN

- Fixture-Net Ethernet connector

- Internal Solid State hard disk drive

- Two USB ports for Wholehog wings and other accessories

- One Desklight

- Auto-ranging mains input (100-240VAC)

- Dust cover included

- Optional Custom Road Case available



MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code via optional external widget

Supports peripherial hardware


Dimensions & Weight:

20.74” (526.8mm) wide by 21.83” (554.37mm) deep by 3.97” (100.78mm) high

Weight: 17 lbs (7.7kg)



- Online Hog 4 OS User Manual (htm)

- Hog 4 OS User Manual (pdf)

- Release Notes v2.1.0 (b524) (pdf)

- Full Install v.2.1.0 (b524) (iso)

- Fixture Library v4.8.260 (.gz)

- Hedge Hog 4 Tech Drawing as PDF (pdf)

- Hedge Hog 4 Tech Drawing as DXF (dxf)

- Hedge Hog 4 Specification Sheet (pdf)



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